Jack Altschuler

Jack is the Chief Alive Officer of Fully Alive Leadership

Jack spoke about the opportunity to build ones business through engaging employees, customer and, people all around.

Jack spoke on the importance of leaders create a clear vision and most importantly connecting the dots so others within your organization can clearly see how their seat, their role on the team plays in to that vision being fulfilled.

Jack also spoke of the life of a leader, how every word spoken, every movement made is judged, assessed and a meaning is put to it.  He was expressing that, not necessarily as a problem, more so as a condition, and one leaders need to be aware of and responsible for.  

From that we spoke of transparencyand the power of it, and the reality is, that sometime you just cannot share EVERY THING.

Later on the show Jack and I spoke of one of his great loves, The Chicago Cubs.  And yes our boyish love of baseball was apparent but jack used it as a great example of how leadership begins at the top, and what is possible when you build a great leadership team.

Jack is such a brilliant, pragmatic, and connected guy, it was a true joy to spend time with him.


Judy lane

Third Chapter Leadership

Leading from you heart.  


Judy Lane is a consultant, transformational expert, and leader, and she was speaking on her passion, and the subject of Third Chapter Leadership, leading from your heart, leading from your true self.  

Judy goes through and explains First chapter leadership is about acquiring knowledge and experience.  Second chapter leadership is about making it happenand accomplishing results.  

Third chapter leadership is about the leader and their leadership being and expression of oneself with the intention of contribution, and leaving a legacy.

Throughout our interview you are present to Judys passion, research, experience and commitment.  It is an exciting perspective and a practice of leadership that is truly disruptive an will make its mark on this world.  

1 Jack - Chief Alive Officer of Fully Alive Leadership
2 Jack - Chief Alive Officer of Fully Alive Leadership
3 Judy lane - Third Chapter Leadership
4 Judy lane - Third Chapter Leadership