Soundoff #2

Own your platform
If you were the CEO of United
Enforcing the rules

What Is Your WHAT? Wednesday
The Power of An Apology

In light of the recent incident on United Airlines, Steve gives thought to being responsible and responsibility going hand in hand when something goes wrong in your life. Steve shares a story of his son’s experience observing a mom and daughter that gave his son a new perspective and appreciation for his dad.

When you do something you know hurt someone, how do you handle the reconciliation?

How do you handle it when someone does something to you?

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Soul-full Sunday
Who you are, what you’re capable of.

Mary asks when you think about who you are and what you’re capable of… is your best behind you, or yet to come? Steve, Richard and Mary then discuss their own personal experiences and thoughts in response.

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New Media Minute
More on Audio Platforms

The Reinvention Radio Crew discusses a variety of live audio platforms and recorded audio platforms including the importance of sound.

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Resources: (for automatic transcription)
Electro Voice RE 20, studio quality mic
ATR2100 mic for getting started