Listen in to this month’s show as R. J. Kelly discusses tax planning strategies for 1031 exchanges and alternatives to 1031 exchanges.
Hear from Bill Exeter, President and CEO of Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC.

R. J. Kelly is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Learn more about R. J. and the Wealth Legacy Group, Inc., at its website, or call (800) 975-5355.

1 What is a 1031 exchange and its benefits to defer, minimize and even eliminate capital gains and state income taxes?
2 What are the issues, drawbacks and difficulties with using a 1031 exchange?
3 What is the 121 exclusion ($250,000 capital gains tax exclusion, $500,000 per married couple upon the sale of a personal residence) and how can it be combined with a 1031 exchange? When can we use the 1031 exchange rules with a tenant in common transaction, Delaware Deferred Sales Trust, net lease properties or oil & gas royalties?
4 What is a partial 1031 exchange? What are common alternatives to 1031 exchanges? How can we use a 1031 exchange to defer gains on the sale of other assets like airplanes, franchises, equipment and other “like kind” exchanges of property?