Eric Westreich, host of Startup Show San Diego, interviews Startup San Diego leaders talk about how to connect to the culture and inspiration; mentors and guides; and tools and resources of San Diego Startup Week, Jun 19 – 23, 2017. Experts share secrets on getting the most out of the week, and give insights into the innovative events, workshops, and presentation. Rayan Bouajram covers Startup Week opportunities, while Mia Mian & Brandon Christopher talk about how to network and make connections. Reghu Rajan give insights into starting a business. Katyayani Madan Singh gives her background in growing a business. Derric Haynie gives expert advise on attracting leads. Laura Carranza and Jean Vreeland focus on Clean Technology opportunities and Harrison Schean highlights future technologies. The non-profit team also shares how to volunteer for this once a year event at

1 Startup Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
2 How to Build Relationships and Have Fun at San Diego Startup Week
3 Starting, Growing, and Getting Leads for Your Business at San Diego Startup Week
4 Clean and Future Technology Opportunities at San Diego Startup Week