Karyn Buxman is a  Hall-of-fame speaker who researches the neurobiology of humor and translates these cutting-edge findings for the layperson, showing how they can harness applied humor to heal and empower themselves.
1.       What makes us happy – Michael Anderson teaches what makes us happy based on scientific studies.  Stop guessing and see what the experts say.
2.       Humor is Power w/ Karyn Buxman – Karyn shares with us why humor is good for us.  Learn the physical, social and psychological benefits.
3.       Funny means Money w/ Karyn Buxman – Learn how humor can help your wallet and give you a competitive edge.
4.       Lead with Laughter w/ Karyn Buxman – As a leader, humor has several benefits.  Add these tools to your arsenal.
What Makes us Happy
Humor is Power
Funny Means Money
Lead with Laughter