Marketers tend to be intuitive folks. We generate hypotheses to serve as starting points for our marketing campaigns and then test them to find the best path forward.

But why guess when you can use data as your launchpad? That’s what Kirsty Nunez, President of Q2 Insights, wants to know.

Kirsty joined guest host Mike Matamala, San Diego AMA Vice President of Earned & Social Media, to discuss ways to incorporate quantitative and qualitative data into your marketing plans, programs and campaigns. Mike and Kirsty talked about data-driven personas, customer journeys and need states, and an upcoming example of data-driven content, a San Diego marketing leaders survey Kirsty is working on for the chapter.

1 Intuition or Data? / 2 Personas Driven by Data / 3 Customer Journeys Charted with Data / 4 San Diego Marketing Leaders