1 Shifting Gears in Distracted Driving
Peggy says although some progress has been made, there needs to be a shift in public acceptance and opinion similar to that of drunk driving and driving without a seatbelt. She explains what distractions can weigh on a driver’s cognitive load and advocates that harsher punishments must be made in order to save lives.
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2 A New Driving Test
Alex Haro, co-founder and president, Life360, talks about how Life360 extended its reach from giving families peace of mind during natural disasters to peace of mind every time a loved one is behind the wheel. He discusses how the app can notify family members when someone is driving and even aggregates a driving report, letting users know if they are hard braking, accelerating rapidly, or using their phone excessively.
3 Distractors Anonymous
Jesse Hoggard, vice president of marketing, Cellcontrol, says since distracted driving is so common, it has not been vilified as much as other dangerous acts behind the wheel. He also talks how the Cellcontrol app locks applications once a driver is in motion, reconditioning the driver to fix their problem and establish better habits for the future.
4 Breaking in New Innovations
Peggy takes a look at new start-up innovations that have been working to get off the ground and serve as effective solutions to distracted driving. She talks about smart gloves enabling motorcyclists to shift lanes safety, as well as a dash-cam that serves as a lookout for reckless drivers and accidents on the road.