Letting loose and moving your body to the music can feel real good. Conley Wake Zani joins us to talk about Zumba and what this global dance fitness movement has done for a small community in Rhode Island, and Megan Taylor Morrison talks adventuring in Brazil to the beats of samba and what gets in the way of enjoying dance.

1 Zumba instructor and leadership coach Conley Wake Zani chats with host Sean O'Connor about Zumba and how it is shaping a small community in Rhode Island.
2 Participating in Zumba is one way to get out of your comfort zone and let loose, which can have positive implications in people's lives outside the fitness studio.
3 Business and life coach Megan Taylor Morrison inspires with tales from her recent trip to Brazil leading a group of people through her company, Dance Adventures.
4 Dancing is all about staying present in the moment, and Megan offers her insights on what that can open up for us.