Diego and Son Printing company has been located in Logan Heights since 1972. Diego and Betty Aguilera started this printing business with a loan from the Small Business Administration. There first location was a rented building in Logan Heights . Today they own the building were the printing company is located. The business today is run by their adult children . Today’s guest is Nicolas Aguilera Vice President of Diego and Sons. He has been involved in the business since he was a young boy when “job” was emptying trash cans. He prides himself for being able to live in the community of National City and working in Logan Heights. He had friends from both communities. His afternoons were spent at the Barrio Station . Nicolas still see himself and their business as part of the community. He has seen changes in the community as well as the printing business. Some of his first customers were Rachel Ortiz from the Barrio Station ,and Father Brown from Our lady of Guadalupe were early; .Work came from the grassroots The tribute painted on the side to the building is a an example of how they see themselves as a part of the community.

1 Betty and Diego open a printing business. / 2 Growing up in the printing business. Living in National City and working in Logan Heights. / 3 Staying in the community-. We are the community. First customer were from the community. / 4 The mural/tribute on the building.