Soundoff #1

4/20 cannabis culture
The legalization of marijuana across Canada
Where did 420 come from
Comparison of alcohol to pot
Would you invest in a cannabis related business?

Soundoff #2

Smoke and air quality
EPA budget cuts
Unhealthy short-term particles
6 of the top 10 cities for poor air quality are in California

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday?
Creating An Extraordinary Life

“I thought I’d never accomplish anything really wonderful, and I’d have an ordinary life and it scared me.” — David Geffen

Steve came across this quote by David Geffen and it got him thinking… what exactly is an ordinary life and what deems having an “extra-ordinary” life? Richard, Wade, and special guest, Nicole Holland, share their views on each. Wade being the contrarian sharing that he embraces boredom… the absence of pain is a good start.

If an ordinary life scares you, what are you doing about it? Share it with us below…

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Soul-Full Sunday
Better the devil you know

Steve steps in for Mary in this episode where he sparks conversation with Richard, Wade, and special guest, Nicole Holland, around Bill O’Reilly’s extreme right views that had been under attack along with his personal misconduct issues, and he has now been fired. The replacement appears to be even more right wing than O’Reilly which begs the question of, in life, “Are you better off with the devil you know rather the devil you don’t?”


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3 What Is Your WHAT Wednesday?
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