Many people fear a diagnosis of cancer and for good reason. Chances of being diagnosed with cancer are 1 out of 2 if you are male, and 1 out of 3 if you are female. Cancer is a real concern. However, many people think that cancer is in their genes and just something you have to wait to get. This is not a reality. In fact the World Research Cancer Foundation has found that as much as 90% of cancers are environmental and lifestyle choices. This means we have a large degree of control of whether or not this cancer onset occurs. In fact, the American Cancer Society says 30 minutes of exercise, 5x a week decreases risk of cancer by 50%. If one has had a breast cancer, the Journal of Oncology reports that 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day decreases risk of recurrence by half. Lifestyle changes are where some of the most impressive data is in terms of cancer prevention. In addition to lifestyle choices, there are basic markers that can be measured to see if you are getting enough antioxidants and doing enough exercise to keep yourself in the optimal wellness zone. In addition to basic measurements, putting together saunas, medical foods and proper diets can help to lower toxic body burden, keeping you optimally well.