Jason Geoffrion is a Psychotherapist, 4Gateways Life Coach, and Executive Director of the Men’s Leadership Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and supporting men of all ages into authentic living. He is a Transition Specialist dedicated to bringing ceremony and ritual back into regular community practice, building inter-generational bridges, engendering collaboration between the masculine and feminine, and reconnecting humans with the natural world. Jason is committed to supporting the holistic empowerment of men so they can engage their families, workplaces and communities in more healthful ways, and to build bridges between personal development and social action initiatives.

On today’s show, Pete talks with Jason Geoffrion about the journey into manhood, our soul, and our purpose. Jason also explains the importance of rights of passage into manhood. He shares how each man can answer the age-old questions, “Who am I” and “Why am I here”. Jason says, “men are hungry to connect authentically.” He talks about the benefit to families, communities, and the world when men gather, get supported, and practice being authentic. We access our King self. Enjoy the show.

1 Whose man are you?
2 Rights of passage
3 You are a King!
4 Connect to your authentic self