Chateau Hansen has nothing in common with other wineries in China. It stands out both in terms of wine quality and its social mission. ‘Quality’ is in the sense that it is primarily organic, but also in terms of viticulture, vinification and ageing. Mr. Han’s goal is to transform an arid desert into green vineyards with irrigation from the Yellow River and the use of groundwater. A significant social objective of this plan is to create employment and better standards of living in his native region. This is recognised as part of a larger, national project to help develop the poorer regions of China. Bruno Paumard is the first Winemaker and Export Director of Chateau Hansen from Wuhai – Inner Mongolia – China.

The two wines have been fermented with the main target of preserving their fruity tastes and their individual identities. But, according to winemaker Bruno Paumard, it is clear from the first

Chateau Hansen Yellow River in the Desert A Model of Organic Wine - Bruno Paumard
Chateau Hansen French Winemaker in Wuhai Birthplace of Emperor Genghis Khan - Bruno Paumard
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