We’re all looking or longing for community, and in this episode we explore the joy of engaging in communities around sports and fitness. Steve Selnick and Ben Otto, Co-Leaders of the Los Angeles tribe of the November Project talk about the world takeover of this free fitness movement. And Cecilia Vales, founder of She Wins, talks about creating spaces in Mexico where girls can embrace the joy of playing soccer, and develop life skills along the way. Cecilia is an alum of the Global Sports Mentoring Program , a partnership between ESPN Women and the US State Department’s Empowering Women and Girls Through Sports program.

1 Steve tells us about November Project, a free community fitness movement aiming to take over the world, and about the ways in which it has helped him and others grow and stretch themselves.
2 November Project Los Angeles tribe co-leaders Steve and Ben talk about the community that is formed in tribes around the world, and the impact that fun, playful, challenging community workouts can have on a person and a city.
3 Cecilia Vales joins us from Mexico City to talk about soccer as a joy factor in Mexican culture, and how she is adding that joy back into the lives of girls there who get robbed of it.
4 The host and his guest deep dive into the ways soccer and athletics can teach us about life and leadership, as Global Sports Meotoring Program alum Cecilia demonstres with her organization, She Wins Mexico.