1 Fitting into an Autonomous World
Peggy Smedley starts the show with a look at how the futuristic view of autonomous vehicles will translate into the real world. She questions who will be responsible for an accident if both cars are self-driving, and discusses if the lending of self-driving cars will serve as a new form of ride-sharing for the future.
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2 Credit Behind the Wheel
Lukas Kuhn, CTO, Tourmaline Labs, explains how gathering and assigning driver data that is similar to receiving a credit score will help them fully understand the depths of their strengths and weaknesses behind the road. He says things like driver environment, driving behavior, and even cultural differences can determine a more passive or aggressive driver.
3 The Road Is Calling
Jennifer Kent, director, research quality & product development, Parks Associates, discusses alarming statistics, highlighting the use of mobile devices behind the wheel and points out there is no going back as the auto industry continues to make vehicles that are an extension of our connected lifestyle. She says although a majority of driver disagree with distracted driving, they often do it and justify their behaviors in irrational ways.
4 Hardwiring Distraction
Antony Livingston, president, Livingston Enterprises LLC, talks about the Distracted Driving Device that will be hard wired into the vehicle’s starter, and how it prevents the driver from starting the car if the phone is not out of reach or out of sight. He says this will enable drivers of all vehicle types to establish a better way of policing themselves and be accountable on the road once and for all.