This program has three guests. The two in studio guest are Rosalia Salinas former senior director of curriculum at the SD County Office of Education and Brandon Brizuela a college student and a recipient of the Bea Gonzales Scholarship. The third guest is a call in guest, Shelly Speigel-Coleman Executive Director of California Together. The discussion will open with what the implementation of Prop 58 as well as the bi-literacy seal. Rosalia will define dual language. Brandon will discuss how important family support was to him and the many ways his family supported his education. Shelly will speak about some of the changes we have seen for the support of multi-lingual education as well as the tremendous support for Prop 58. All three panel members will discuss the growth they have seen for supporting dual language. Brandon goal is to be a doctor and he will speak to why he thinks being bilingual will help him in his medical career. Who was Bea Gonzales and why do we have a scholarship named in her honor.

1 Dual language/ Prop 58 and parent support. Rosalia will give some background about successful bilingual programs / 2 Brandon and Rosalia will both speak about the value of parent support and the important role parents play in the education of their child. / 3 Shelly will speak about the support for the bi-literacy seal and the changes that have taken place the last year. / 4 Bea Gonzales and the importance of scholarships.