Jay King, producer, performer and founding member of the Grammy winning RnB group “Club Nouveau”.
Segment 1
Jay King talks about coming up in Sacramento with a talented crop of musicians, the hard work and vision it takes to break through and be successful in the music industry. We talk about some of the amazing artists he has worked with, his Grammy Award and the time it took to really understand the meaning and privilege of such an achievement. Jay also urges our listeners to take a fresh look at how celebrities are portrayed in the media, to look past the scandalous headlines  and to immagine what it must be like to have every mistake you make amplified for the public.
Segment 2
Jay goes on to talk about his new album, the changing and more interactive approach to the recording business today, his own radio show, his upcoming concert with The Commodores, and touring with SOS and Midnight Star. He discusses how much easier it is to record and distribute music today and advises musicians to not let monetary success be the main goal, but to nevertheless take the time to research and understand the business side of the industry.
Jay King
Jay King