01 States with No Texting Laws
Jennifer Smith, executive director, stopdistractions.org, says she doesn’t understand why there are still five states without laws against texting and driving.
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02 Texting vs Talking
Deb Trombley, senior program manager, National Safety Council, explains the degrees of danger related to different forms of distraction, including texting, talking on the phone, and talking to passengers.
03 PA for Your OS
When you receive a text while you’re driving you have two choices - pull over and answer, or drive distracted while checking your cellphone. Jim Flavell, senior vice president, MyAssist, presents a third option; a personal assistant app that assists you as you drive.
04 Simple Acts Ease Great Pain
To close our month dedicated to distracted driving, Peggy reads a touching op-ed from Joel Feldman, founder, Casey Feldman Organization, illustrating firsthand the tragic impact of distracted driving.