Guest: Larry Kesslin is an entrepreneur, business development expert, speaker and author who published his 3rd book titled “Success
Redefined” in late 2015. Larry spent the first 6 months of 2015 traveling the world with his wife and two teenage children.

On his global journey he visited 12 countries, 25 different Rotary Clubs, was the keynote speaker at the Rotary District Governors Conference in Istanbul and met some of the most amazing people around the globe. Since his return Larry has continued his life of service helping people live the life they were meant to live vs the ones they were taught to live.

Larry believes that we were all put here for a specific reason and our purpose is to find out what that reason is. Larry is focused on helping people define success based on the depth of their relationships rather than the breadth of their bank accounts.

His newest company, 5 Dots, is a business development strategy firm that helps companies and individuals understand the key components of business development. For some companies he provides coaching services and for a few select startups he will take on the role directly. Larry lives in Carlsbad with his wife and two children. Please welcome Larry Kesslin.

Over the past few years he has focused a tremendous amount of finding meaning beyond success and is working on his next book, titled “Your Next Destination: Finding Meaning Beyond Success.”