Joanie Connell

She’s a Harvard Grad with an Electrical Engineering degree
A visionary for a computer career
Why didn’t she go to MIT?
The cross country move to Silicon Valley
She preferred people over circuits
At 28 she decided this wasn’t the career for her
The journey to leadership communication
Now she helps tech people work on their people skills
Meetings vs eyerolls and texts
Cross generational challenges
Contemporary definition of a nerd
The leadership toolbox
Married a nerd, had a nerd
Joanie’s prediction for the next tech revolution

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New Media Minute

Having now attended the first two New Media Summits, Guest Joanie Connell shares her experiences with the Reinvention Radio Crew. Her biggest takeaway being how to monetize podcasts.


1 Reinventing Nerds
2 New Media Minute - Joanie Connell