Health and Security

Peggy tackles two issues everyone is thinking about right now: health and security. She says it is no surprise that healthcare is a huge target for cyber criminals and the amount of data available to be stolen is on the rise.

She also discusses:

· Reports that share what makes up most of healthcare incidents.

· If healthcare was ready for the sharp increase in telehealth.

· How this pandemic will alter the course of the health security space.

Securing Our Assets

Peggy and Barbara Rembiesa, co-founder, president & CEO, IAITAM (The Intl. Assn. of IT Asset Managers), talk about asset management programs and security. She says anything with data that is leaving their environment needs to be secure.

They also discuss:

· How basic security pieces come into play right now.

· Why it is important to pay attention to assets now, even if your business is closed.

· Why having standards in your organization puts you at a smaller risk.

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The Health of Executive Women

Peggy and Meg Fitzgerald, author, “Ascending Davos: A Career Journey from the Emergency Room to the Boardroom,” talk about her book and her career history. She says now is the time to think about your career and she got street cred for taking a job she never wanted.

They also discuss:

· How to carefully pivot to help you move forward.

· The study she conducted on the health of executive women.

· Advice for executive women looking to climb the career ladder.

1 Health and Security
2 Securing Our Assets
3 The Health of Executive Women