Dr. Alessandra Wall has a message for Women in the C-Suite and in other leadership roles, “You can be truly successful on your own terms, without having to compromise your needs, your health, your life.”
Join us as she explains how she helps women get the recognition they deserve. We discuss how women can be successful in the leadership position they deserve, feel confident in their ability to speak up, share their thoughts, ask for opportunities, set limits. When they speak people listen. They know their value and others do to. They can be impactful and significant on their own terms.

Women who want to be recognized for their value and leadership need to:
• Clearly articulate their value (i.e understand how their skills combine to make a real impact for their employers, clients or future employers)
• Understand their insecurities and are willing to challenge them but in the short term to show-up as their best self despite the insecurities being present
• Speak up, say what they mean, mean what they say, ask for what they need. No hedging, no censoring, no half speak to please others.
• Step into the world and build relationships, leverage their networks and connections, and build the social capital that ultimately is necessary for true success at the highest level of a career.

“You might be surprised to know that: (lesser known fact or conclusion) All the information you need to succeed has already been written about. What holds you back isn’t lack of knowledge, it’s fear, the fear of showing up fully and what will happen when you do.”

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