The Ether Tale Radio Players were in a very sci-fi mood because of UC San Diego Library’s upcoming May 14 Blade Runner “2019” panel talk.

The Ether Tale players will definitely be in the audience for that timely gathering! That Blade Runner panel talk will soon be posted here:

The opening scene of that Ridley Scott film shows a “2019” dateline and our radio host Scott Paulson remembers that date seemed “so far in the future” when he was in the movie’s audience here in Southern California in 1982!

In the meantime, here in the land of, Gabriel Pan read excerpts from George Orwell’s The War of the Worlds and Scott Paulson read excerpts from Jules & Michel Verne’s In the Year 2889.

Special bonus: Peter Flynn’s children, Liam and Daniel, brought in new sci-fi works that they had written for this very show. Scott was able to sneak in some harp underscoring for Daniel’s piece.