He started at six years old with a lemonade stand
The fatal car crash he lived to talk about
The choice was to die or heal naturally
Why he chose not to use Western medicine
His body was deteriorating from the inside out
How he became a dream intepreter
The dude in a robe and the fast that saved his life
Understanding why me
There’s no measurement around spirituality
How to tap into unconscious resistance
The message received during death

Tweet this: Dale Halaway shares his amazing story of dying and living to talk about it.

URL: www.DaleHalaway.com
Book: Being Called To Change

Steve, Mary and Richard along with special guest, Dale Halaway, talk about the New Media Summit Livestream which reached over 1,300 people and tallied over 30,000 minutes of viewing. Thanks to the livestream, Dale, who was to be in attendance and got called away last minute, was able to attend every portion he could.

URL: http://www.NewMediaSummit.net

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