1 Smart City Challenges and Competitions
Peggy gives some examples of how smart-city competitions can open the doors for greater ideas. She shares how the IoT (Internet of Things) can go a long way in helping cities address pain points and enable better decisionmaking. She also identifies how partnerships are key in furthering the reach in smart cities.
2 The Movement toward Mobility in Smart Cities
Peggy and Rasheq Zarik, managing director, strategy and analytics, Deloitte Future of Mobility Tech Center, joins the show to define mobility and how it is causing a paradigm shift in smart cities. He explains that the smartphone has given us greater choice and has changed our behavior and it is now extending to our cities. They discuss the importance of public-private partnerships and 5G in smart cities—as well as the need for investment in both physical and digital infrastructure.
3 The Secret to Success
Peggy and James Arthur Ray, entrepreneur, author, and life and business coach, discuss what makes up success in business and personal life. He says that fear is a huge problem and the cause is that very few people think for themselves and most of us change very little after 13. Further, regardless of whether you are a Fortune 100 CEO or a startup entrepreneur, success is about 95% psychology and 5% strategy.