We are joined by Dr. Grayson Maas, Chief Communications Officer for Art of Problem Solving (AOPS). This entity is the producer of Beast Academy and other educational content that is high-rigor, engaging, and challenging. We explore concepts in teaching and learning and the idea of greater expectations for reaching student potential.

Our second guest is Jennifer Quilkey, President of the Laubach Literacy Council of San Diego County. This organization was formed in 1961 with the mission of promoting literacy and English language acquisition in San Diego County. The organization responds to its mission by recruiting adult students, recruiting and training tutors and trainers, and networking with other local literacy programs. This literacy program has operated for decades with pure people power: No paid staff, no office. And they manage 28 learning centers.

1 Dr. Grayson Maas, COO, Art of Problem Solving: rigor and expectations
2 Jennifer Quilkey, President, Laubach Literacy Council of San Diego County