1 Hasten the Era of AVs
Peggy says safety has to be a priority when creating AVs (automated vehicles) and partnerships are focused on shortening the time between now and the age of autonomy. She shares examples of partnerships and projects that are going to help put more AVs on the road. She adds that we need to talk about new ways to test the technology and work together as a community to bring it to fruition safely.
2 A Deeper Dive into 5G
Peggy and Chris Pearson, president, 5G Americas, talk about everything as it relates to 5G. He explains that we are using radio frequencies that we have never used before for cellular and that we can get great speeds with 5G. He also highlights the three big use cases for 5G and says that it is being designed to be more transformational for society. Additionally, 5G is a national priority in many countries across the globe.
3 A Connected Strategy
Peggy and Christian Terwiesch, book author and professor of operations and information management, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, talk about how connectivity is changing the customer experience. He distinguishes between the different types of connected relationships and how a connected strategy starts with understanding your customer. He suggests that companies understand how to touch customers early on in the journey and how small data can often give insights into customers.