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Peggy talks about Microsoft Build 2020. She gets listeners up to speed on what went on in the digital conference and shares about high level trends, as well as specific announcements.

She also discusses:

• How Microsoft is positioning itself as a leader in remote work.

• The biggest announcements related to Azure, including machine learning.

• The impact of digital conferences in the future.

A Digital Era

Peggy and Sam George, corporate vice president of Azure IoT, Microsoft, talk about the company’s first digital event, Microsoft Build. They also discuss how Microsoft responded to COVID-19 and he says its IoT (Internet of Things) strategy is very much partner led.

They also discuss:

• What technology providers have to offer in these times.

• Big announcements and certifications that came out of Microsoft Build.

• The three-step program Microsoft has to help its customers during this time.

• Digital twin, the evolution of connected solutions, and the trend toward connected environments.

• How Microsoft helps its customers and works with its partners during these times.

• The typical journey of connected assets and IoT solutions.

1 Microsoft Build 2020
2 A Digital Era