1 Start Planning Now for 5G
Peggy says the growing demand for low latency is not the only reason we need 5G. It will add jobs, add to the GDP, and lower latency by a factor of a 100 over the current 4G. However, there are going to be many hurdles that need to be overcome like hardware, infrastructure, and software. She says to make the move we have to start taking the steps now.
2 The 5G Race
Peggy and Jonathan Adelstein, president and CEO, Wireless Infrastructure Assn., talk about what we need to build five times the amount of infrastructure we have, in the next 5 years, to get to 5G. He explains the cost of making the move, and how it will need to be implemented both in urban and rural areas. He says getting government involved and using public-private partnerships will help. 5G is going to open up a whole new world.
3 Chicago Taking on Tech
Peggy and John Pletz, senior reporter technology and airlines, Crain’s, talk about how cities are going to be become more connected and smarter with the help of 5G. More specifically, he focuses on what Chicago has been doing to be more of a leader, than a follower, when it comes to tech infrastructure with the help of local companies.