Guest 1: Jeannine Kaiser

Jeannine Kaiser is the Co-founder and Director of Life Coaches at Empandia, a unique On-Demand platform, connecting talented certified life coaches with clients in real time. Jeannine has been a certified life coach for more than 16 years. Victor Visperas, the high tech mastermind of Empandia, and Jeannine brought together a talented team of developers and marketing specialists to create this innovative way of bringing clients to life coaching and coaches more clients.

Guest 2: Bob Schwenkler and Natalie Vartanian

Natalie and Bob believe that epic love IS possible, and that relentlessly honest communication is the key to having it.
They are trained life coaches, founders of Sex the Podcast, and creators of the Open Relationship Design eCourse.

As lovers, partners, and friends they help couples in committed relationship to create breakthroughs in ease, connection, and intimacy in their sex lives and relationships. They also work with singles who are ready to stop repeating the same relationship patterns, fall in love with the dating process, and call in the relationship of their dreams.

1 Jeannine Kaiser
2 Jeannine Kaiser
3 Bob Schwenkler and Natalie Vartanian
4 Bob Schwenkler and Natalie Vartanian