How often do you celebrate YOU!? Really… C E L E B R A T E! What does it even look like to celebrate? What if it did not involve an adult beverage or even spending money? Can you source yourself from the inside out?

Today, May 5th 2017 is my 5 year anniversary of having listened in to my intuition and trusted that I could leave everything I knew and loved to follow my heart and move to sunny San Diego all by myself! WOW

Listen in to hear something for yourself. While your story might not be remotely similar, maybe you can hear ways for yourself that celebrating the little WINS you have in each day can enable you to feel that much fuller and happier than anything you might reach for outside of yourself. Who knew that was even possible?

1 Celebrating ME with YOU! / 2 What are ways you can celebrate? / 3 Intuition what is it? Ask yourself what to celebrate / 4 What is it costing you to not celebrate you??