Lyme disease is an unexpected culprit for the root of many conditions. Often people have been told that there is no reason for their fatigue, depression, joint pain and just general lack of well-being. However, there is a difference between no reason, and a reason that has not been tested for appropriately. The testing that is often standard of care for Lyme, can miss up to 80% of the infections, particularly the infections that are the worst. This condition can be responsible for a myriad of symptoms that often get written off to the unknown, bad genetics, or aging. It is unfortunate because it a condition that is highly treatable. Natural therapies that address infection, but also treat the whole person are effective at giving someone with chronic Lyme their life back.

01 Understanding Lyme's Disease
02 Understanding Lyme's Disease
03 Understanding Lyme's Disease
04 Understanding Lyme's Disease