On this episode of PRfect Pitch with Nicole Rodrigues, Tracie B, host of Jus My Style Radio stops by to chat about all things PR and building quality relationships with media. Tracie B is a breast cancer survivor who is in the process of forming her own non-profit. Nicole and Tracie shed light on more industry best practices such as why it pays to call instead of email, how to best utilize social media to get someone’s attention, and why “politely stalking” your pitch target gives them no choice but to say yes.”

Additionally, Tracie elaborates on why she devotes so much time to positive and uplifting stories on Jus My Style. She shares on how touched she was during her interview with Los Angeles Sheriffs who spoke on their experiences with drunk drivers and how the impact of these horrific accidents extend far beyond those driving. Much like Nicole and her agency, NRPR Group, positivity is what keeps Tracie B and Jus My Style Radio going.

Ultimately, these women highlight how professionals in PR and media industries are inundated with hundreds of emails a day all asking for this and that. Tracie advises that instead of coming out and asking for whatever it is you’re emailing this individual for, mention a piece of past work they did, or just stop and ask how their day is going.

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Segment 1: Who is Tracie B what is the source of all her positivity?
Segment 2: Nicole shares why you should just “get human,” when in doubt
Segment 3: Best ways to get your pitch thrown in the trash and why it pays to know your targets
Segment 4: Nicole shares alternative ways to use social media and Tracy elaborates on touching moments from Just My Style Radio