Do you often take the time to engage with your business team and prepare them to go on with their daily tasks with confidence? Does your team know what the core of your business is?

As a business owner or CEO, it is easy to lose focus on keeping your team engaged. After all, bills need to be paid and clients need to keep walking in the door. But, if you keep bringing in all these clients and your team is not working well … it will be an issue. The more your team understands your business “why?” and their role helping the company achieve it, the better employees will serve your clients and overall performance in the business will increase.

You can choose to have employees working simply for a paycheck, or you can use leadership tools that will create an engaged and empowered business team that will work with you for the success of the company. Building a team that will work as if it is their own business takes hard work, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Listen in to learn more about how to build a winning team!

In this episode, R. J. Kelly interviews the author of the award-winning leadership book “Leading With Purpose”, Marc Koehler. Marc is the President of Lead With Purpose. Also on today’s program is Jeff Becker, President of Pegasus Building Services and Pegasus Cleanroom Services. Jeff has nearly 1,000 employees in his two companies and has by necessity tackled the complex topics of employee engagement, empowerment and encouragement. Marc and Jeff will also discuss leadership tools to build an outstanding team for your business as well as tips to work more effectively and turn employees into motivated team members.

Marc spent more than 15 years as an US Navy Submarine Officer and large company manager. Following that, he spent nearly 10 years more as a small business turnaround CEO. From both his work in the large and small company environment, Marc observed the lack of engagement on the part of most employees. They were simply there to draw a paycheck, but had little idea of the significance of their jobs in relationship to the whole of the business venture. From this, Marc set out to help people lead more purposeful and inspiring lives by showing the everyday person how to become a better leader and more engaged in their work. To contact Marc Koehler please visit his website or send him an email (

Jeff is a Certified Industrial Hygiene Manager and the Founder and President of Pegasus Cleanroom Services and Pegasus Building Services Company. Pegasus Cleanroom Services is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company that provides critical cleaning services for controlled environments such as electronic and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, medical device manufacturers, GMP facilities, data centers and other mission critical environments. To contact Jeff, please visit his website or send him an email (

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