Host, Nina Woodard, Past President, San Diego Society for Human Resource Management

Owner, Nina E. Woodard & Associates, Adjunct Faculty, Cal State San Marcos and Brandman University

01: Great Business Knowledge with HR Expertise
Using a blog written for World at Work in 2013 by Michelle Smith entitled “What CEO’s Want” as the framework for the discussion, Nina discusses key aspects of leadership: great business knowledge and business expertise, compensation and benefit programs that support strategy, desirable behaviors to build and sustain culture, best practices but with an organizational cultural perspective that works for their company, programs which leverage variable pay and incentives, management of key human resources with a focus on the key business elements that are important for success/value of HR to the business. She discusses the new SHRM Body of Knowledge (BoCK) ( and the relevance of this in the business realm. Wade Taylor, Owner and Principal of WS Radio, joins the conversation.
02: How Important is HR in Building Value?
In this segment Nina and Wade share experiences about how HR and Leaders can influence and energize the work force to engage and recognize their role in creating value in every step and activity.
03: Defining Strategy in a VUCA World
Nina and Wade discuss the need for CEO’s and HR to prepare their workforce to deal with velocity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.
04: How Do We Make All of This Work for Us?
In the last segment, Nina and Wade discuss the importance of HR helping the CEO define the vision, translate and convey the vision, be a lifelong learner, and develop the structure to implement the vision. Having a great attitude to do this skillbuilding is key. Visit and for more information.