Segment 1

Matt talks about growing up in a very musical family, playing wherever and whenever he could, attending the Berklee school of music, where he met John Mayer and Brian McKnight, and dropping out the very next day after meeting Brian so he could work with him full time. We talk to Matt about the various genres he is versed in, from jazz to RnB and how song quality is more important than a particular production style. Matt tells us about the new album he is currently working on, the next album in the works with Livingston Taylor, brother of James Taylor, and the pros and cons of relying on music labels vs controlling your own content and distribution.

Segment 2

We talk to Matt about the gear he uses on the road and in studio, (Logic and Pro Tools being his Digital Audio Workstations of choice), his preferred mics, preamps, guitars and interface units. He tells us about choosing musicians for recording his projects, his recording process and collaborating with other players remotely by utilizing file sharing. We discuss one of his recent performance highlights, when he played at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with Javier Colon and Cee Lo Green.

Segment 3

We talk with Matt about some of his accomplishments, his winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s top annual prize – the Maxell Song of the Year in 2009 and the Billboard Songwriting Award in the Best Jazz Song category, as well as being nominated for a 2011 Los Angeles Music Award for “Best Male Vocalist” and “Best Jazz Song”. Matt gives some advice to musicians coming up in the industry to be as self-reliant as possible, to get professional help from entertainment attorneys to help navigate the music scene and above all to study, listen and play the works of the greats who came before.

Segment 4

We do an impromptu interview with Tim Dolbear of Magix Computer Products, who talks to us about mixing Christophe Noir’s new album.

Matt Cusson
Matt Cusson
Matt Cusson
Tim Dolbear