Segment One: Tom Brady – Deflate Gate: Our host looks at the events of this past week surround the findings of The Wells Report surrounding the 5 month investigation of “Deflate Gate” and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.
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Segment Two: NBA Playoffs: Our host looks at the rash of injuries that may affect the chances of the favorite Cleveland Cavaliers and how other series have taken on a life of their own in this very exciting playoff round. Follow him on twitter: @CSKeysShow

Segment Three: 2015 MLB Breakdown: Former MLB’er Jacque Jones stops by to help break down the 2015 season so far. We address topics like A-Rod and the record books, Josh Hamilton and his demons and the fast starters to the season. Follow him on twitter: @JacqueJones11

Segment Four: Civil Law Suit on Pacquiao: The so-called fight of the century turned out to be a big bust. Consumer Class Action Attorney Abbas Kazerounian is representing those that felt they were short changed and want to take Manny Pacquiao to court to be reimbursed.
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