01 Robots Outperform Human Surgery
Peggy says there is new research that suggests we have taken a major step towards hands-free surgery. She explains soft-tissues are unpredictable and surgeons often have to make constant adjustments, but the STAR (Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot) has been designed to overcome hurdles of soft-tissue surgery.
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02 Health Management at Your Fingertips
Todd Durniak, executive vice president and general manager, North America, Labstyle Innovations Corp., tells Peggy we are starting to see a movement into connected blood glucose meters. He explains it isn’t just about putting information into smart phones, but about how the data is distributed.
03 Creating Unique Fan Experiences
Christine Stoffel, founder & CEO, SEAT, LLC, says there is constant debate whether technology is enhancing fan experiences or taking their eyes off the field. She shares technology is creating a diversified and personalized experience for fans while also focusing on security and privacy.
04 The Internet of Medical Things
Venkat Rajan, global research director, visionary healthcare research and Victor Camlek, principal analyst, transformational health, Frost & Sullivan, explain the three biggest challenges surrounding the Internet of Medical Things are care quality, access and cost but connected healthcare is addressing these issues. They say the technology and tools are there and the industry is beginning to move toward a more connected approach.