Ever wonder why it costs so much for healthcare insurance? Is there a way to use technology to save money and potentially get better outcomes? What should you buy for personal healthcare insurance, and in your business for you and your employees? Which presidential candidate – if any – is addressing the issues in healthcare cost, coverage and healthcare reform? Listen to today’s show and you will find out these answers and more!

Listen as R. J. Kelly interviews two of the nation’s leading healthcare experts, Kristin Kahle, Ph.D. of NavigateHCR.com and Bill Kampine, Senior VP and Co-Founder, Healthcare Bluebook.com.

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1 Who are you? Why do you do what you do, and why is healthcare so expensive in the U.S.?
2 Healthcare insurance for small - medium business – what should you consider and why?
3 What are the presidential candidates saying about healthcare reform?
4 What does healthcare look like going forward for individuals and business owners?