1 Peggy Smedley welcomes listeners to “Telematics 101” and explains telematics plays across many different vertical markets and enables countless types of applications. She says telematics technology is enabling new methods of jobsite reporting.
2 Jerry Ullman, senior research engineer, regents fellow, and program manager, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, talks about the rapid advancement of telematics and how these advancements might impact the construction industry. http://tti.tamu.edu/
3 Shane Scoville, VP, Verizon Telematics Sales & Customer Service, explains the biggest obstacles to integrating fleet management technology for the construction industry. He also looks into the future of fleet management technology and how it will change how the industry operates. www.networkfleet.com
4 Peggy Smedley says contractors need to stay on top of equipment performance, maintenance, security, and overall costs and that is where telematics come in. She further shares how telematics involves sending, receiving, and storing information relating to remote objects, such as heavy equipment.