01 M2M News and Updates: Environmental M2M and Connected Energy
Peggy Smedley opens the show with news about a partnership between Digi Intl. and the Wildlife Research Institute, in which researchers monitor the hibernation habits of bears via a 4G wireless connection. A surprise guest even joins Peggy for a chat.

02 M2M and Fitness
John Hamann, CEO of Velocomp, talks with Peggy about the company’s line of iBike products. What sort of benefits can we reap from cycling, and how can iBike help? It’s all about a workout, which is custom made for you. www.ibikesports.com

03 M2M The Psychological Effects of Exercise John Bartholomew
Professor John Bartholomew of the University of Texas at Austin’s department of kinesiology and health education, speaks with Peggy on how exercise can help regulate our moods and ways we can become motivated to push ourselves just a little bit harder. http://www.utexas.edu

04 Connected Summer Sports
Peggy Smedley, editorial director, and Mike Carrozzo, chief editor of Connected World magazine, discuss M2M applications in sports and recreation. Golf, tennis, and swimming are just a few areas which can benefit from M2M and connected devices. www.connectedworldmag.com