Paul Grossman, Ph.D., is Life Technologies’ Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, which is a leading maker of materials, instruments, and analytic systems for use in biotech R&D, biologics manufacturing, and the delivery of biomedical goods and services.

“Is It Time to Run From The Herd?”

Find out why your safest bet might be to run in the opposite direction of the herd. Brian talks about the historic event of our total debt as a nation exceeding out total GDP and how the US gets a “pass” when it comes to risk evaluation by our lenders.

“Is It Time to Buy Gold?”

Brian talks with local gold expert, Mark Lonneker about gold’s recent price drop and whether or not it’s a buying opportunity or a time for caution.

“Making Human Genome Mapping Accessible to Everyone”

Brian welcomes Paul Grossman of Life Technologies Corporation in Carlsbad California to discuss