Segment One: 2015 NBA Playoffs:
Former NBA roundballer now Founder/Executive Director of Supreme Court Basketball Zack Jones drops by to break down what has been an exciting 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs. Follow him on twitter: @CSKeysShow
Segment Two: 2015 NBA Playoffs: The conversation with Zack Jones continues as they talk about the chances of the LA Clippers getting past Houston and the makeup of the Eastern Conference Finals as well as the many coaching changes taking place. Follow him on twitter: @CSKeysShow
Segment Three: Deflate Gate Psychology: Sports Psychology Expert Dr. Brian Alman looks at the controversy surrounding Deflate Gate, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in a humorous, but serious manner. Follow him on twitter: @DrAlman
Segment Four: Healthy Living: CEO/Founder of Fresh & Fit Meals Joey Ko drops by to share the newest happenings with Fresh & Fit Meals with VP & Wellness Director of The Diet Doc, Dr. Kori Propst and why her clients swear by Fresh & Fit Meals! You will too. Follow them on twitter: @FreshAndFitSD @TheDietDocWeightLoss 858-935-9058
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