With options like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat an important consideration is where is your target audience spending the most time watching, and how do you reach them? During our latest podcast our guest host in studio was Mike Matamala, Multimedia Designer at Holdrite and VP of Social and Earned Media at San Diego AMA. Mike interviewed Tammy Duggan-Herd, PhD, Market Research Analyst at Campaign Creators on getting started with video marketing and what channels to focus on.

Tammy discussed channel trends, the best platforms for specific demographics, tips for getting started and roadblocks to watch out for.

Tammy has also written a blog to help us decide where to focus our strategy. Check it out:


Interested in learning more about producing video on a budget?

Attend the live webinar that Tammy and Campaign Creators are hosting with SD Inbound on June 6th, 2017. Register at http://www.sdinboundmarketing.com/webinar/6-07-2017.


Where to Focus Your Video Strategy