Today we explore the art of stillness and tuning in to the frequency of the environment around you. Natural history and conversation photographer Clay Bolt shares with us where he found his passion for documenting wildlife through photographs and why there’s an opportunity for us all to get connected with the amazing natural world around us. Philippa Forrestor then takes us into her roots in England and her current wild family adventure in Wyoming, where she’s moved with her husband and three boys.

1 Photogapher Clay Bolt shares wisdom on stepping outside your comfort zone and really getting to know the environment all around you.
2 Clay and host Sean O'Connor talk well being the restorative nature of time spent engaging with the environment. Clay shares with us what he is up to in Washington DC this weekend and the work he's done to investigate and highlight the rusty-patched bumble bee.
3 Producer/writer/presenter Philippa Forrestor offers some insight into the cultural fabric in England that engenders a love of birds, wild spaces, and local foods.
4 Philippa shares on her experience of moving with her family to Wyoming and all that comes with it--the challenges, the fun, and the opportunities.