In this session, we discuss the Gold Miner Method for Systematic Lead Generation with Elevator CEO, Frank Cowell.

About the Speaker:
Brand Strategist. Digital Marketer. Speaker.
Frank Cowell is President of Elevator, a digital brand strategy agency based in the San Diego, California area. He works regularly with CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, and Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing who are looking to create amazing brand experiences while driving inbound leads.

When Frank founded Elevator in early 2004, his primary focus was website development and Internet marketing. He started by developing a successful website content management system (CMS) from the ground up, and over the past 10 years has helped Elevator morph into a full-service agency that works in, branding, design, and more, with digital at its core.

Frank is author of The Actionable Brand, which details a concept he pioneered to make brands more accessible to internal stakeholders and external audiences.

A self-taught programmer with a deep understanding of technology, Frank enjoys a unique blend of brand development and marketing savvy that enables him to offer fresh perspectives on often-complex marketing concepts that he distills into actionable, easy-to-understand language. An energetic and entertaining speaker, Frank presents regularly to regional and national organizations on topics related to branding and digital marketing.

With Elevator, his efforts have resulted in numerous nominations for awards and recognition, including being named 2012’s “American Marketer of the Year” by the San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). He has helped clients grow their businesses by guiding them through the process of optimizing their brand experiences through human engagement and connectedness.

Prior to founding Elevator, Frank worked in Sales and Marketing with Tandy, AT&T, and other technology companies. He is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and regularly volunteers his talents to the San Diego AMA and Jr. Achievement, while mentoring young people in the areas of branding and digital marketing.

1 The Gold Miner Method
2 What are you in the Business of?
3 Common Challenges in the Funnel
4 Marketing Process and Program Growth