Host, Nina Woodard, Past President San Diego Society for Human Resource Management
Guest, Dr. Judy Enns, Executive VP, HR Division, of Eastridge Workforce Solutions

Ms. Judy Enns, Ph.D., Executive VP, HR Division, of Eastridge Workforce Solutions, brings 30+ years of experience to the staffing and HR consulting world. She shares unique insights based on her advisory relationships with CEOs and HR leaders. Judy is a dynamic presenter and has spoken at numerous staffing industry association conventions in the United States, Mexico and Canada and is a frequent panelist on career and job search tactics.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions provides an array of support services for employers and HR teams. Their innovative and technologically enabled solutions for time keeping and other administrative tasks have saved employer thoughts of dollars and hours of work. With three lines of business, Workforce Management, Recruitment and Technology, Eastridge Workforce Solutions is a valuable strategic business partner! 800-918-1678.

01: Introduction and Overview
Host, Nina Woodard, and guest, Dr. Judy Enns, discuss the new and emerging roles for the HR Professional and especially HR Leaders. They identify and discuss the ways in which CEOs expect their HR Leaders to impact their organizations.
02: What CEO’s are Looking For
Nina and Judy discuss the idea that in the future, HR professionals will use their varying non HR experiences to populate and enhance the HR function. They further suggest that CEO ‘s will broadly seek collaboration, communication, and culture building from their leaders. They foresee giving up all of the traditional approaches to performance management, for example, and embracing alternative methods. Nina cites a particularly personal approach of performance management used by one San Diego start up CEO.
03: New Framework for Talent Acquisition
Nina and Judy continue their discussion suggesting that the transactional process oriented functions in the Talent Acquisition realm of the future will likely be turned over to computers and what the focus of the HR professional will be in that new setting. They discuss the many ways in which companies are redefining work and what HR’s role will be. They touch on the topic of VUCA and recognize that HR professionals will need to get out of their HR silos and connect with others to keep ahead of the pace at which business is changing.
04: Conclusion
Nina and Judy close with an animated discussion of how the HR of the future will look, feel and engage differently to provide the culture and attitude that organizations will need to be successful. Nina and Judy share personal and professional insights and future focused nuggets of wisdom.