Tim Gaiser was recently asked by the Everyday Genius Institute to participate in their Think Like a Genius series. Gaiser worked with world-renowned behavioral scientist Tim Hallbom to deconstruct his wine tasting strategy. What they discovered is simply genius. You can master wine tasting and enjoy wine more using the simply genius strategies of a world-class sommelier. Tim Gaiser is one of fewer than 200 people in the world to pass the most elite sommelier wine exam and earn the title of Master Sommelier. He writes for many magazines and teaches wine tasting at the very highest levels.

Wine tasting meets neuroscience as Tim Gaiser unlocks the hidden code of tasting. After reading his article in the latest Sommelier Journal on olfactory memory and submodalities, you’ll never view wine tasting in the same way again. It8217;s a great piece that explores the connection between internal imaging and s

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