1 IoT Furthers Construction Ideas
Peggy Smedley explains how the emerging trend of green building is not just limited to the work done on the jobsite, as it can extend all the way to the design and planning processes. She further takes a look at modular building that can lead to more efficient results for smart cites and how telematics is enabling the equipment rental markets to become more transparent.
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2 Planning Smarter Cities
Jori Mendel, director of sales, smart cities, AT&T, breaks down a step-by-step plan to correctly implement smart solutions that adhere to the specific needs of various cities. She discusses how the goal of smart cities must be more than just managing energy and congestion, but aspire to keep citizens and communities safer.
3 Measuring Up Infrastructure
Jocelyn Knoll, partner, Dorsey & Whitney, talks about the criteria used to determine the current state of American infrastructure. She explains how current plans and investments made toward repairing infrastructure will only increase the country’s grade slightly.
4 Construction Haves and Have-Nots
Jim Kissane, construction industry expert, talks about the level of importance, as well as impact, the Internet of Things is going to have on the jobsites as the desire for smart cities go through the roof. He says with the development of these new technologies, construction must not sit on the sidelines, as they face security issues along with drastic shortages in laborers and programmers.