Daily Dialogue with Doris is happy to present a “Music Therapy for Veterans” Memorial Day patriotic salute show.
Floyd A. Smith of the Grammy Award winning group “The 5th Dimension” will talk to us about his organization called “Music Therapy for Veterans”and the special event being held on May 28th called “1st Annual Gospel Fest” at Shadow Mountain Community Church located in El Cajon,California. Also joining us will be Paul Liebmann, Events Coordinator of Music Therapy for Veterans, to talk to us about
the renown singer, David Meece, who will headline the Gospel event!
Along with David, will be young singing sensation Chloe Cassiana. All the proceeds of the event will go to the Music Therapy for Veterans organization! Also show host, Doris Rivas-Brekke, will also go over the details of the Family Conference event she attended over the weekend and more…
Another exciting show with entertaining guests…all for you!

God bless President Trump, God bless our Veterans and God bless America!



1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke monologue and 5th Dimension star Floyd A. Smith
2 Doris, Floyd A. Smith and Paul Liebmann
3 Doris, Floyd and Paul and singer David Meece
4 Doris, Floyd, Paul and David Meece